C5i Imaging can be of great benefit in an A/P department.  

Unlike the A/R department, where the accounting software controls the type, layout, and content of each document, the A/P department typically receives documents in a wide variety of formats, styles, color, and content.

A/P vendor invoices and other documents that arrive in paper format can be processed by C5i Imaging.  

The first step is to scan the new documents into PDF format.

This can be done using any popular scan-to-PDF scanning module, including Fujitsu's Scandall program, Adobe's built-in scan tool, and almost any other scan-to-PDF software.  Most of these scanning apps are available for download at no cost.

Once the documents have been scanned to PDF format, they can be uploaded into C5i Imaging either by selecting the file and clicking on the Upload option, or by simply "dragging and dropping" the PDF image into C5i Imaging.

C5i Imaging can be configured to extract the various key fields from the PDF documents and pass that data on to the accounting system.

For example, C5i Imaging can extract the Vendor Number, Vendor Invoice Number, PO Number, Invoice Date, and Total Amount Due from a vendor invoice, re-format the data as needed, and send the information on to the payables software.

Using C5i Imaging can eliminate a great deal of time in preparing vendor invoices for payment.

Along with A/P invoices, virtually any other document, email, photo, or text message can be captured and stored in the imaging app.

If a shipment was received with damage, or if the wrong product was shipped, a photo of the problem shipment can be stored along with the vendor invoice.

For more information about how C5I imaging can benefit an A/P department, please give us a call.  We would be happy to review C5i Imaging's great features in more detail.

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